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"We got a yellow truck, road in front of us, and nothing but opportunities, right?"
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Today was fab~

  • I slept in and had a bunch of fruit and coffee for breakfast yes \m/ 
  • Did some school work that I neglected over break. Yeah I waited until the last minute sue me
  • Took a long shower with some nice smelling scrubs and what not it’s smells so great :~)
  • Got a text from the girl asking if I wanted to go get coffee. She picked me up five minutes later and we went to Starbucks and she bought me coffee awe 
  • Had dinner with my neighbors and had a bunch of good food. I didn’t have any hesitation or regrets even though I was a bit anxious. Holidays are getting easier for me and I’m proud. 
  • Currently stuffed and wanting to sleep for the remainder of the evening but I’m typing a paper instead 
  • Getting back to morning runs tomorrow! 
  • Classes start back up tomorrow :((
  • Who wants to get sushi? I need more sushi friends 

Léa Seydoux by Matteo Montanari for El Pais


Léa Seydoux by Matteo Montanari for El Pais

“I was born very far from where I’m supposed to be so I’m on my way home.”

Bob Dylan (via purplebuddhaproject)

Kay I am very worried about you dear please come back and tell us about your sweet sweet life and your girl. I miss your posts :/



I am so so so sorry to worry you (and anyone else for the matter) I’ve been going through a lot these past few weeks with my family and myself that I just haven’t had time to really focus on anything else. I really did miss everyone though and hopefully I’ll be back for my regular randomness in no time, alright? 

As for the girl and I :)) 

I got to see her yesterday for the first time in 8 days and ugh I had so much fun. I didn’t realize I could miss someone that much haha. We did absolutely nothing but everything at the same time and her cologne is still all over my hoodie that I wore and just yesss okay? I v am content when it comes to her.  

Other than that tomorrow is Easter and I’m looking forward to finally getting a break and just relaxing and having dinner with my neighbors as it’s the last day of my spring break. I’m crying for summer already, this year has really taken a toll on me work-wise. 

I’m ready to get back to those early morning long runs before it gets too hot and eating lots of raw food because everything’s in season. I’m looking forward to seeing all of my kids when I volunteer this summer and hanging out with the girl and sunshine and swimming and skating and outside yoga and I just want summer~ 

Really though I’m sorry to worry you, bean, I’m alright! 


you’re a girl and yes I called u cute I meant it full homo I don’t half ass anything

So where are you at recovery and like healthy wise? You never talk about that anymore :(


I’m just going to do one big life update in this ask instead of making another post later alright? :~) 

  • Recovery//health/running/ect wise I’m doing okay. It’s not really something I worry about as much right now because, as I wanted to for my new years “goal”, I’m exploring a lot. There’s also the fact that I got sick last week and then I caught something again~ this week so I’ve been a gross little bugger. I’m better now though! And now I can stomach more so I’ve been eating like crazy haha. The only thing that makes me a little upset is that I’m not really ready for my race in a few weeks, but I’m not going to let it bother me too much. I just want to have fun~~
  • I don’t talk about all of that as much anymore because I’m not obsessing over it and my personal life is so much more interesting (okay it’s not but lets go with it) Don’t be sad though, coffee bean, I’ll probably post something when I feel like it? 
  • Remember how I said my personal life was interesting? Yeah well I have a date lolol (why do you want to go out with me?) 
  • Job interviews over spring break yay 
  • Babysitting this saturday: pizza dora movies edition 
  • Otherwise I’m just a really boring person, I live off of coffee, study, watch netflix, and study haha

How did you know you were gay?


Dude, I don’t know I guess I just always knew

gosh kay you are like the coolest sweet potato on the field and you inspire me to be rad and my weird self and like actually engage in social activities and remind me of coffee goodness and your blog and how much you've grown makes me so so so happy to my tummy and YAH keep doing you, you rock you beautiful, beautiful soul!



(This has been hanging in my inbox for days I’m sorry)

I am all smiles right now my little coffee bean you have all of my love. I would love to meet your rad and weird self soon, okay? :~)


Best line ever 😭


Best line ever 😭

I’m alive~ 

  • I ended up coming down with some nasty stomach bug that was going around in school which resulted in me skipping Friday. It only lasted a 24 hours though before I have it to my dad. Ooops. 
  • I’ve been sleeping and watching netflix mostly and talking to the girl (can I call her cc for coffee cutie? she loves coffee almost as much as I do) 
  • Anyway cc and I’ve been talking and she wanted to come by and check on me Friday but I told her not to (sweet though right?) 
  • Today I conquered all of my work and a mythology project all day. I am tired but relieved. I always wait until the last minute to do my work. 
  • Spring break is closer than it appears, but it doesn’t feel like spring? It’s raining and it’s cold but I like it. 
  • I made some super granola and banana bread yesterday 
  • I haven’t run in about two weeks, this makes me sad :~( 
  • I’ve been becoming more comfortable with myself over the past few weeks, but when someone comments on the weight that I seem to be dropping it just makes me angry because I’ve spent 2 1/2 years getting my mindset away from that. I don’t know. 
  • This week should be a chill week. I only have to make up one day of lectures so I’ll live. 
  • I’ve had 3 cups of coffee today, hooray 
  • My mom bought me four of the biggest avocados ever, 3 mangoes, 2 cantaloupes, and 1 huge WATERMELON yayayay I’m so happy I want to eat it all now 
  • I’m going to work on the piece that I’m painting and watch netflix for the rest of the night then go to sleep early to maybe run or something tomorrow morning 
  • P.S. my mom started talking about uni today and I don’t know commitment on my life choices is hARd y0

You should tell us more about this girl Kay. :3


Um, okay haha :~) 

She’s an asshole but I love it because it makes me laugh. We have the same music taste and we both can’t go without coffee. We were actually supposed to go to the movies yesterday but I freaked out and made a lame excuse to cancel (I felt sooo bad) but she was really sweet about it and we’ve made a rain check for another time. Today she purposely messed around with her locker to wait for me to walk past and then we started talking and she’s just a really cute person.